Christmas 2014: Remember the Angels…

Our Christmas devotional for this week is taken from Luke 2:8-14.  Take time to read this with your family and consider these thoughts…

As the Heavenly Multitude gathered for their angelic announcement to the shepherds, they voiced a jubilant declaration:  GLORY TO GOD!  And as we listen to their proclamation, we learn two important lessons:

1.  Bringing glory to God is our most important OCCUPATION.

Of all the activities that the angels could have been occupied by, their pursuit was bringing glory to God.  This was the passion of their lives, the zeal of their spirits and the sustaining motive of all they did.

It is appropriate for us, then, to imitate their example and make God’s glory our most cherished occupation as well, for only God is eternal and worthy of glory.  Let’s give Him GLORY.

2.  Bringing glory to God is our most important OPPORTUNITY.

From their creation until this moment, the angels had witnessed God’s Sovereign preparations for and presentation of the Savior of the world!  For ages they had ‘looked on with interest’ (I Peter 1:12) as the day of Advent approached.  Now, their jubilation overflowed as they loudly proclaimed ‘GLORY TO GOD’!  (Job 38:1-7)

At no other time during the year long religious calendar, with the exception of Resurrection Sunday, do we focus more on our richest blessings than at Advent.  As President Abraham Lincoln once said, ‘We have been the recipients of the choicest bounties of Heaven’.  AMEN!  And because we have been so blessed, let’s take opportunity at this Advent time to proclaim, in imitation of the angels in Luke 2, GLORY TO GOD IN THE HIGHEST!


2 thoughts on “Christmas 2014: Remember the Angels…

    1. Thank you. We are attempting to ‘exalt the Son, edify the saints around us and enlighten those walking in darkness of sin’. Luke 1:17, I Peter 3:15. Blessings.

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