Monthly Archives: May 2014

Marital Love: Matthew 1:18ff

While thinking through the account of Jesus’ birth, narrated by Matthew in the Gospel of Matthew, I began to glean some insight into the irreplaceable features of true love in  a marital relationship.  There I found that love in a Godly marriage possesses:

  1. A sacred purpose: Mary would be a mother, Joseph a husband and Jesus a child.
  2. A sacred pledge: they were ‘betrothed’.
  3. A sacred purity: ‘before they came together’ God worked.
  4. A sacred provision: the Holy Spirit was superintending events.
  5. A sacred protection: Joseph acted ‘righteously’.
  6. A sacred prompting: ‘do not be afraid’.
  7. A sacred place: called ‘home’.
  8. A sacred promise: Jesus ‘will save’.

‘It is ALWAYS to early to turn from the sacred state of marriage to pursue a man-invented, weakened, temporary alternative to Divine matrimony.  Please think about it.  Chuck