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  1. Chuck, My name is Brent and my family and I will be at Wisc Dells the weekend of the Oct 4th. I pastor in Litchfield MI and while on vacation I like to visit churches to just watch and learn from other men and sometimes other styles of ministry. I found your website and music thoughts refreshing and insightful and am considering driving down to Deforest for the service. I enjoy variety, but for the sake of my family I need to be careful that I do not end up at a rock concert, but I would enjoy something besides the “more traditional” worship style of our ministry. Can you give me an idea what we might expect if we visit. Your website and your blog have been an encouragement to me.

    1. Hi Brent,
      We appreciate your taking time to reply to our blog posts. We were glad to hear from you. We gratefully received your comments. The worship/music notes your referenced were the culmination of a 2 year study our Elder Team worked on as a response to a ‘worship war’ we endured in the early 2000s. It was a difficult time for us, but the Lord preserved us and prepared us for further ministry. We would be glad to see/greet you this coming Sunday if the Lord leads your family to worship with us. We share in a blended worship/singing time, led only with a piano and an occasional guitar. We’re pretty low key in that regard. Hymns are a staple for us along with some more modern hymns by the Getty’s. We’ll sing both from hymnals and on the screen up front. We have a daughter church nearby but are not multi-site in our approach to ministry. Our congregation meets in Deforest, just 1 1/2 miles east of I39/90/94. We are situated approximately 30-40 minutes from the Dells, depending on your location and the speed with which you drive. I’m a sort of ‘slow down, take the rhubarb route’ kind of guy so it takes me a little bit longer. We have families attending here that drive down from near the Dells each week, so you would be joined by others who make the trip. We’re relatively small, on the younger family side and look forward, each week, to encouraging others to seek Christ alone for ‘…Who have we in heaven but You…’. Psalm 73:25. In Him, Chuck

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