How can I tell…?

In a so called new and progressive ‘post-modern’ culture that isn’t really new–people have been making up their own rules against God since the Garden of Eden–it is sometimes difficult to discern if an attitude or action is Godly.   Our Heavenly Father tells us to ‘abstain from everything that has the external appearance of being evil’.  I Thessalonians 5:22.  But, how can I tell if I’m about to do something, go somewhere or otherwise somehow dishonor the Lord?

Consider asking yourself these three questions before you decide:

1.  Will this reverse the trends of my faith?  Faith is an active noun.  It is going somewhere, thinking something or doing something.  If an activity or attitude does not point me to Jesus, then there’s a good chance that that activity or attitude will actually work against my faith.  Hebrews 12:1f.

2.  Will this reduce the treasures of my faith?  God rewards faith.  Remember, He said that true faith, saving faith means believing that ‘God exists and rewards all those who earnestly seek Him’.  Hebrews 11:6.  Some activities will erode the rewards that God has planned for us.  II John 1:7-8.

3.  Will this be used to retaliate against the target of my faith?  Our enemy is God’s enemy.  And that enemy lives to tear God down.  Some activities bring great dishonor to the Lord.  Let’s not cooperate in that destructive work, but labor to ’cause the dignity and worth of God to become apparent and be acknowledged’.   Revelation 12:17.

The next time that moment arrives when a decision is to be made about an activity or choice in attitude, just ask these questions and sincerely answer them in faith to the glory of God.



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