Shortest sermon ever!

Matthew 20:28: ‘…the Son of Man (Jesus) did not come to be served but to serve’…!

Desiring to help teach the congregation he served a lesson about selfless service in the church, a pastor hit upon a novel idea.  Beginning several weeks in advance and continuing until the day he preached the sermon, the pastor mentioned not only in pulpit announcements but also in printed ones that he would be preaching the shortest sermon ever preached.  Granted there is no Guinness Book of World Records category that chronicles the lengths of the world’s shortest sermons.  But if there was such a category, this pastor’s sermon would likely have taken first place in it.  Excitement grew as the chosen Sunday approached.  And true to his word, on that Sunday morning, the pastor stood in the pulpit and made this announcement.  ‘Today, I will be preaching the shortest sermon ever preached.  My title and sermon will simply answer this question:  “What does Jesus say when I say what’s in it for me”?‘.  With the declaration of those 13 words, the pastor turned, exited the pulpit area and sat down.  The sermon was complete.

In stunned silence, the gathered congregation sat motionless and began to consider his words.  No closing remarks were made, no song was sung, no further announcements were made and no benediction was given.  However, the powerful truth of the message began to ‘stir’ and ‘ring’ in the ears of those who had the heart to hear it.  And the message was simply this.  Jesus is not interested in patronizing anyone’s desire to be made much of.  He focuses His attention on those who with humble hearts come saying: ‘Whom may I serve today regardless of the personal cost to me?’.  If Jesus was in our culture, He would not likely be looking to find a church nor would He attend a church where He could ‘get served’.  Wherever He was and in whichever church He chose, He would be there to ‘serve someone’.  Should it be any different for those of us who have been saved by Him, who claim to belong to Him and who represent Him to others?

As a people, let’s look for someplace to serve others rather than seek someplace where others can serve us.  Remember that Jesus did not come to be served but to serve.


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