Monthly Archives: April 2015

The Apple Watch

It hasn’t reached fever pitch yet, but there is significant interest being generated about Apple’s newest invention: the Apple Watch.  Apple’s savvy marketing scheme presents this product as the latest/greatest/newest invention that is sure to gratify  ‘techies’ interests and satiate the appetites of those who want to own the current ‘craze’ in electronic devices.

Among the Watch’s unique apps  is one that enables the wearer to record their heart beat by placing two fingers on the face of the watch.  The wearer can then transmit those pulses to another person and share their ‘heartfelt’ emotions.  Granted this is an interesting advance in technology, but what is the curiosity here?

Why are we wanting to communicate our affection to someone else via a watch when we refuse to receive the ‘heart beat’ affirmations and affections from a baby in the womb?  Why do we want to kindle the affections of one and kill the affects of the other?

For some reason, it just doesn’t make much sense to me to desire to transmit an adult heart beat to someone else hoping to engender their affection, while at the same time refusing to receive an even more intimate heart beat signal from a baby in the womb who just hopes to be recognized as a ‘human being’ that is infinitely worthy of protection and love.

It is clearly past time to acknowledge and protect the precious gift of life in the womb and lay down our incessant fascination with and pursuit of the ‘electronic stimulation’ from the world.