Marital Love: Matthew 1:18ff

While thinking through the account of Jesus’ birth, narrated by Matthew in the Gospel of Matthew, I began to glean some insight into the irreplaceable features of true love in  a marital relationship.  There I found that love in a Godly marriage possesses:

  1. A sacred purpose: Mary would be a mother, Joseph a husband and Jesus a child.
  2. A sacred pledge: they were ‘betrothed’.
  3. A sacred purity: ‘before they came together’ God worked.
  4. A sacred provision: the Holy Spirit was superintending events.
  5. A sacred protection: Joseph acted ‘righteously’.
  6. A sacred prompting: ‘do not be afraid’.
  7. A sacred place: called ‘home’.
  8. A sacred promise: Jesus ‘will save’.

‘It is ALWAYS to early to turn from the sacred state of marriage to pursue a man-invented, weakened, temporary alternative to Divine matrimony.  Please think about it.  Chuck

2 thoughts on “Marital Love: Matthew 1:18ff

  1. greetings chuck, enjoyed our visit yesterday with you and shirley and lydia at church. we truly value your friendship over the year. our invitation is open to you to come and visit us up in Arpin, WI. Also, i wanted to let you know if you ever needed a break on a sunday and wanted a guest speaker to teach from the word i would be happy to do so. I would probably share some of what i taught in kenya this past feb. etc. again, my prayer is that you would excel still more as you desire and meditate on His word.

    1. Thank you, dear brother. Your faithful following of Jesus encourages our hearts. Looking forward to having opportunity to have you come and share with us. May God bless the work of your hands as He grows faith in your hearts. Blessings, Chuck

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